Tracey & Michael - February 2016


Thanks to Tammy Davis-Charles for making our dream come true.


After trying to have a child naturally and through countless rounds of IVF as well as 3 surgery’s over a 6 year period it became very clear to my husband and myself that our dream of becoming parents was never going to happen .We jumped at the chance to be foster parents at this stage and entered into fostering training but due to the exhausting and totally mismanaged 18 month process we pulled out feeling despondent and failures.


I was looking on the internet at surrogacy and I came across Tammy’s story and hence her company. At first we looked into surrogacy in Australia and found that we could not complete the process here. So I emailed Tammy and that same night I got and email back and the next day her offsider Janice called me and talked to me for around an hour telling me the ins and outs of the company, how they can help us and the law. I got back to Tammy about a week later saying we were in and that same day she called me and emailed me all the contracts and all the costs throughout the whole process. She was so truthful and upfront about everything. We had regular contact with Tammy and Janice every few days and they walked us through everything including all my question (which there were a lot).


Once we got the ball rolling and paid our fees to Tammy to get the process started, it seemed to go so fast! Before we knew it we were getting information on our lovely surrogate, the clinic, the doctors, the embryo transfer, and the blood tests and of course the positive pregnancy news! Tammy over the course of the ensuing 7 months gave us regular reports regarding the surrogate and our growing baby. She skyped us regularly and sent us clear copies of all the medical reports and tests along the way, which gave us peace of mind. Her communication was fantastic and she always managed to reply to our questions within a short time frame.


When we arrived in Bangkok we were met and fast tracked through the airport and taken to our hotel which saved us hours of time and queues!  Tammy met us the next morning with a big hug and took us to meet our new beautiful baby boy who came 4 days early. Tammy was with us every step of the way. She supported us and our baby and the surrogate all at the same time no matter whether it was day or night she was there for us.


When we got to bring our little man home back to the hotel Tammy come with us completed all the documents that the hospital needed and set us up in the hotel with all we needed. As this was our first baby she went into lots of detail on how the make the bottles, sleeping, feeding etc. Tammy then called us the next day to make sure we were ok. She was more than happy for us to call her with any issues.

Tammy organised family days for us and the other couples to get together with her and her wonderful boys which just made us feel so at home and cared about. Tammy was also happy and helpful we felt like part of her family and now we are home we still feel that way.

Tammy poured countless hours of her time into getting all of the necessary Thailand government documents up to scratch and also helped us book and organise all of our appointments with the Australian embassy. She acted professional at all times but also made us feel welcome and like we were “best mates” with her wicked sense of humour and nursing knowledge regarding babies was tremendous! Little things like taking my husband to a store to purchase a baby bath and lending us a small cot were nice personal touches.

Through Tammy’s nursing company in Bangkok, we were shown around town through an orientation tour and market experience! She arranged for us to have BTS cards which got us around on the transport system with ease! In no time we felt at home in a strange place. This made navigating around Bangkok with a newborn baby much easier.


Tammy has taken the time to build a strong group of partners and the right medical professionals to make the entire surrogacy process as seamless as possible.


We cannot thank her and her staff enough for making this journey memorable and life changing. Our lives are now enriched with a child of our own and some lifelong friendships were forged along the way with Tammy and some of the others that were there just like us, in a strange yet wonderful land holding our new babies in our arms with smiles that have yet to fade and never will.


Tracey & Michael and introducing our boy – Braxton!

Duncan and Erin - February 2016


Thank goodness for the internet.

And thank you to the universe for sending us Tammy.


Soon after absorbing the news that I would be unable to carry a baby, I happened to find an article on line… on a link to somewhere… details of Tammy and her family’s journey and the, for want of a better word, work, she was involved in since.


A quick email later and almost immediate response and then phone call, I felt as though Tammy already had me under her wing, with caring advice and a brief overview of what could be, our world seemed to open again.


We decided to give having a family one final shot, and travelled to BKK in January of 2014.


Prior to arriving in BBK, we had regular updates and emails from Fertility Solutions PGD in Australia, in regards to preparation and what to expect. Any questions were answered almost immediately, although there were few as everything was covered in great detail.


Everyone’s journey is different and everybody manages things in their own way – Tammy seems to sense just what you need at the right time. She has a genuine interest and love for you and your family and provided the perfect amount of guidance. Her caring & cheerful nature and is also demonstrated in her interactions with the surrogate mums. Whilst we could not be there for the pregnancy, we knew Tammy was, and the regular updates and pictures we received along the way we cherished.


Returning to our apartment with our new son, Tammy instilled this amazing confidence, when you are in a foreign country with a new baby that you have so longed for, she made everything comfortable and left us with all the information we needed. It is a huge moment, and we were left feeling calm and content, full of love & happiness.


There are obviously a few hurdles along the way, more so for Tammy dealing with legalities and the huge paperwork trail, which she manages with her usual cheeriness and positive outlook.


Tammy has provided the just the right amount of guidance and support throughout our journey and still continues to this day. I consider myself very fortunate to have found her and could not recommend her and the services of Fertility Solutions PGD more. 


A J & L - June 2015


When hopes and dreams become a reality.

From the age of 13 I knew I would never be able to carry my own children and adoption or surrogacy would be my only option if I wanted to have any. 
From the first conversation with Tammy it was positive about our situation and she said they will give it their best for a successful outcome. Tammy explained what we would need to do to get started and what information we would need to gather.

Upon our arrival in Bangkok for the first time, Tammy had organised everything for us which made our arrival that much easier. Tammy was there every step of the way with us through every appointment and my surgery which made me feel a lot more settled. Tammy was also there when I woke up in recovery. She is a very supportive, positive, upbeat person. We had a lovely doctor who also was positive about our situation. The staff at the clinic were very nice and very hospitable. They had amazing technology and models to show us the process of our whole journey in getting the embryos and what would be the process. We were lucky enough to get an embryo on our first attempt and the pregnancy was successful. During the pregnancy our minds were put at ease as Tammy was in Bangkok and looking after our affairs with our surrogate and her appointments and making sure everything was ok. 

We had regular contact with Tammy during the pregnancy via email and phone. We had regular pictures of our surrogate, ultrasounds and any testing that was done on the pregnancy. With all the media hype Tammy kept us up to date on what paper work needed to be done so the process when smoothly once our child was born. 

When our beautiful miracle arrived Tammy was there with us to share our joy and our journey. This time at the hospital we met couples that had been through their journeys either by them selves or with other agents and we heard so terrible stories about experiences and their issues with paper work and communication. 
To anyone who is thinking of embarking on this journey we highly recommend discussing your options with Tammy and her team and having her be apart of your journey as she is so friendly, supportive and caring. She has been through the process herself and is a registered nurse so can answer any questions you have. Tammy is contactable 24/7 and always has your best interests at heart in every decision you make along the journey. 

We can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us Tammy and we have the most beautiful miracle in our lives now. She has filled our lives with love and happiness and this is something we never thought we could have a biological child which is ours to raise and love with all our hearts. 

With much love 
A, J, and L xx 


Simon & Dan - Additional update from September 2013


I will never forget that first day I spoke over the phone to this lady called Tammy, hanging up that phone was like a new era just began in our lives, and it did.. 

Two years later we are blessed and deeply in love with three wonderful children. Ila, Zac and Ada. 

We will never be able to thank you enough for this world you created for us, as I know we could not have done this ourselves.. You treated us as the most special and important people in the world and not only held our hands through it all but also went above and beyond what we expected. Never ending questions answered promptly (from another country/timezone – sorry for waking you so many times x), if ever we were in doubt, a simple 2-minute chat with you put us at ease. Holidaying in a foreign country can sometimes be daunting let alone going through the process of surrogacy over a 4 month period as we did with our three, not only did you assist us with our surrogacy, but simple day to day living in Bangkok was made a hell of a lot easier with your help, showing us around, telling us which is good food, how to speak the language. 

Every hospital visit you were there waiting patiently with us, and afterwards we would go for some coffee and cake… x 

A day never goes by when we don’t think of you, we never felt like a client, we always felt like a friend, a friend that we could open up every aspect of ourselves and never felt uncomfortable, as we knew that you always had our back and the passion to make our future shine. 



Chris & Tom - February 2015


Our dreams of having a family would not have come true without the support of Fertility Solutions PGD
After 12 months of researching on same sex couple having children through surrogacy, attending surrogacy conference, communicating with clinics, agents, lawyers, internet support groups, we did not get anywhere with our dreams of having a family and we almost gave up on the idea. It wasn’t until we met a couple who were going through surrogacy with Fertility Solutions PGD, we started to take the first step towards our dream family. 

They put our mind at ease on the legal issues of having children through surrogacy. At the time there were a lot of couples dealing with the clinic in Thailand directly. I asked Tammy the differences between dealing with clinic directly and dealing with Fertility Solutions PGD and her answer was we support our families 24/7 until they depart from Bangkok. This was why we decided to start our journey with Fertility Solutions PGD. And yes our 12 months journey starting from choosing egg donor to departing from Bangkok had been well supported all the way. Our answers, requests, queries and worries had always been addressed within 24 hours. Our journeys had been wonderfully smooth with their assistance. 

During the period of baby Gammy incident blew out and All IVF had been shut down, a lot of intending parents dealing directly with the clinic were panicking as they lost contact with their surrogate mothers. Fertility Solutions PGD families had been well supported during this difficult period their surrogate mothers were still having regular check ups and contacts. 

Our twins were born unexpectedly early and we missed their birth but Tammy was in hospital for us and took the first photos of the twins for us. Since the birth, we have been well supported by Tammy from sorting all our paperwork, providing nursing and parental advise as well as organising social outings with other families. We met other families who were with other agents or organising paperwork by themselves while in Thailand and we could see how much Tammy has done for us so that we can concentrate on our twins rather than worrying about organising paperwork and appointments. 

Tammy & her team at Fertility Solutions PGD are not just agents. We consider them friends for life. 

We can’t thank Fertility Solutions PGD enough for what they have done to make our dream come true and with such smooth & pleasant journey. 


Kate & David - Cambodia


We were all geared up to go to Thailand when the Gammy situation put a hold on things.
Imagine our shock when only 6 weeks later Tammy called to say that she had found a solution, and we and our egg donor were going to Cambodia for IVF treatment! All we knew of Cambodia was orphanages and land mines. What an experience we had in store!

Fertility Solutions PGD organised all the details, and it wasn't long before we were landing in Phnom Penh. Tammy had made sure all our paperwork was in order, and we knew what to expect, so the transition through the airport was smooth and simple. 
It was lovely to see a friendly face waiting for us with a cold drink on the other side ( it is very hot!). Tammy had secured a reliable Tuk Tuk driver for our stay, and he looked after us beautifully for the week we spent in Cambodia. After a short drive we arrived at our hotel. We were able to go to our room straight away, even though it was only early morning. 
The hotel was fantastic, the staff looked after us extremely well. The room was clean and neat, the bathroom facilities were excellent. The room had a kettle and fridge and fresh water bottles were delivered each day. The pool on the roof was lovely to cool off in during the hot afternoons, and we enjoyed many lovely meals around the pool in the rooftop restaurant. Breakfast was also provided every morning, and there was a great range of Cambodian and western breakfast fare. 
Our favourite restaurant was across the street from the hotel, a charity restaurant designed to teach impoverished children to cook and work to give them opportunities for their future. We also enjoyed the pop up street restaurants that appeared each night, and the street food was amazing. 

Our appointments with the fertility clinic were early morning, before the heat set in. Tammy had us and our egg donor very well organised, we knew exactly what would be expected at each appointment. The clinic facilities are second to none. We were made to feel extremely welcome by both the doctor and the business manager. Both spoke excellent english and the doctor was well versed in our medical history before meeting us, which was very refreshing. The clinic facilities were excellent, trendy and nicely air conditioned! The embryologists are world class, and we and our egg donor were cared for very well. Decisions were made with the best health interests in mind.

We learnt that eggs develop at their own rate, and even though they may have taken a couple of extra days to develop, the doctor ensured that our egg donor was looked after and wasn't at risk of hyper-stimulation. The technology is state of the art and the embryologists very skilled. We were blessed with high numbers of good quality eggs and consequently high grade embryos at day 5. We are very grateful to Tammy and the clinic for the care they showed to our egg donor, and to us. 

When we weren't required at the clinic, we had Sang Hai, Cambodia's best Tuk Tuk driver at our disposal, and he took us everywhere. We visited the local markets, restaurants and gardens, all very close to the hotel. He also took us for a drive out to the killing fields one day for some cultural awareness. We enjoyed a half a day trip driving out to silk island to visit a local village and family who handmake the most beautiful silk items on a rickety old wooden loom! 

We thoroughly enjoyed our Cambodian experience, and despite initial reservations, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend other families to have their fertility treatment with the Cambodian Fertility Clinic. We were extremely comfortable and well looked after by Tammy and the clinic. 




Jen, Pat & Johanna Ronan - 16th June 2014


I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Tammy her team Fertility Solutions PGD

My husband and I tried having a baby many years ago (7 years ago). I went to a naturopath, Chinese herbalist, acupuncturist and finally IVF. I gave up coffee, dairy, alcohol and even changed cleaning products to 100% natural ones in order to have a child - all with no success. Finally, a simple test showed that my hope of ever having a child to add to my family was over. I cried or howled at the prospect of this part of my life being unfulfilled. 

Many years later in 2013, I was on Facebook and a friend liked a page - Fertility Solutions PGD. I decided to look at this page and what I saw was interesting. I still was unaware of surrogacy. As 'luck' or fate would have it they were having an information session in a few weeks time. I emailed Tammy and she phoned me back straight away and I described our history. She was so supportive and said that I would be a perfect candidate, for what I was still clueless. I attended the information session and heard about Tammy's journey and a new door of possibility opened that I thought was closed. 

My husband and I made an appointment with Tammy (who I had met at the information session). She is so down to earth and open that my husband and I felt at ease.

From there the process started. Tammy relocated her family to Thailand. She still helped us with tests, filling out paperwork and organising sperm samples to be shipped to Bangkok. Everything was seamless. We were given a list of egg donors and surrogates to choose. Our decision was made and from there it started. 

The IVF took place and we waited for the blood test and the great news that our surrogate was pregnant.  They were available any time that we had a question and would send us the ultrasound reports every fortnight (late into the night - due to the time difference in Thailand). I often wondered when or if they ever slept. What I did find is that Fertility Solutions PGD are SO SUPPORTIVE of their families, that they put their personal time on hold to help us out. 

The whole time it felt surreal, until we were booking our flights to Bangkok. As soon as we arrived in Thailand Tammy was helping us - sorting out a phone and so many other things that are not even related to the baby. Tammy and her husband and boys gave up weekends to spend time with the families from Australia. I know that I can never thank them enough for making us feel so special and welcome. 

Tammy attended all surrogate appointments, helped fill out all paperwork and attended all Embassy and DNA appointments with us. Tammy helped with any hospital arrangements too. She even came with us to our hotel to make sure that we all settled in well when we bought the baby "home". 

In speaking with other couples also going through surrogacy in Thailand I can say that the only people that help their families through ALL stages of the process are Fertility Solutions PGD. Many families we spoke to paid agents who 1. gave them incorrect information and 2. did not support them at all whilst in Bangkok - they were left alone and vulnerable to the process. As far as I know Fertility Solutions PGD are the only company with staff in Thailand. 

We are so grateful that we found Fertility Solutions PGD. They made our dream come true of having a family, one that we never thought possible.

We are available if anyone wants a verbal reference.

Jen, Pat and Johanna Ronan 


Luisa & Paul - May 2014


Our journey began about 4 years ago when we were told we couldn’t have children. Being newlyweds, this was shattering to us and our dreams of starting a family. Initially we didn’t consider the option of going through surrogacy as we simply didn’t know much about it. We spent months looking into adoption, fostering and going on the dreaded waiting list. A friend of ours mentioned her friend just had babies through surrogacy and we should look into it further. Our research bought us to Tammy and Fertility Solutions PGD and we haven’t looked back since. 

The first meeting with Tammy was special as we also had the privilege in meeting her husband Simon and their 2 beautiful twins. Tammy explained to us the process in detail step by step, going through the expectations and giving them a sense of reality. The support given by Tammy from Day 1 has been nothing less than exceptional. It felt like we were her family and she was our mum, looking after us and guiding us through this process. We think because Tammy had to go through all this herself without any help, she understood our dreams and could easily relate. 

Every step we had to take, Tammy was there with infectiously positive and up-beat nature. Her understanding of the whole process both here in Australia and Thailand together with her organizational skills made it so much easier. She was on the ball with everything, pursuing both us and the clinics whenever necessary, but never made us feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Each time it was helping us get that one step closer to achieving our dreams.

One Friday morning we received a call, our baby boy was being born. The little man had decided he was ready and wanted to come early. Our flights weren’t for another 2 weeks so you can imagine our surprise. We managed to book over night flights but it was Tammy who was there by his side until we arrived, and for this we are forever grateful. Our dreams have been fulfilled thanks to this amazing woman. Tammy and her team at All-IVF Surrogacy really do help make dreams come true. Even though our stay in Thailand is coming to an end and we return home to Australia as a family, our journey is far from over. Tammy and her family will forever be a part of ours and we know that should we want another Plus 1 or 2, we wouldn’t hesitate in doing it all over again through Fertility Solutions PGD. 

Tammy, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Dreams really do come true.



Rob & Sean - 9th may 2014

Dear Tammy , 
Thankyou for promptly answering my enquiry all those years ago ,
For finding a clinic in Australia that would take us, 
For pacing up and down the corridor with me when it took 4 days for the embryos to arrive in Bangkok !
Thankyou for answering my daily viber questions, 
For finding our first surrogate so quickly ,
For crying with us when our first transfer did not work , 
For guiding us and finding our second surrogate . 
Thankyou for including our egg donor ( partners cousin ) and thinking of her always, 
For putting our surrogates health and feelings always first ,
For being there when we found out we were having twins ,
For being there when we found out we were having a boy and girl ! 
Thankyou for meeting us at the 20 week scan ,
For guiding us on what present to give our surrogate and her daughter , 
For capturing the Moment on your camera 
And for introducing us to your beautiful family 
Thankyou for reminding me to be calm when you called and said we have to get on the next plane due to an emergency cesarean , 
For calling your holiday short and meeting us at the hospital , 
For coming with us into the hospital room to check up on our surrogate , 
Thankyou for helping with the mountain of paperwork , 
For coming with us on the way home from the hospital with the twins , 
For showing us how to feed / burp the twins and assuring us they were ok ! 
For rocking up with coffee, fresh juice to help us cope ! 
Thankyou for always asking how the twins were , 
For bringing medication when they were constipated , 
For asking how the hospital visits went , 
For coming with us to Global Dr for DNA testing . 
Thanks for being there for surrogate interview , 
For allowing us to meet other surrogate families , 
For lending us your stroller and blowing up bath , 
For coming to say goodbye the day we left . 
But above all , 

Thanks for our beautiful little angels Mila and Elken . 
They have brought so much love and light into the world . 

Tammy you are more than just an agent . 
It's your life and you really care , 
Right down to the messages I still receive today. 
Thanks , and love always Robbie , Sean , Elken and Mila . You really are the fairy godmother ! 



Jo & Alfred - 3rd May 2014

We first met Tammy in early 2012 after hearing an interview she gave on ABC radio while her and her husband were awaiting the birth of their twins via a Thai surrogate. Up until this point, my husband and I firmly believed that our hopes of having a child were practically non-existent, but our interest was now sparked by her positive and reaffirming attitude. 

After dialling her number and hanging up multiple times, I finally got up the courage and contacted her. Immediately my mind was put at complete ease as we chatted away as if we had known each other for years. As nurses, Tammy and I fully understand the importance of thoroughly researching and scrutinising every aspect of available medical treatments and its providers, particularly when straying a little further than the safety of your own backyard, but in the end we felt as though we made sound decision.

A few months later, and just after the birth of her twins, we met up with Tammy while we were in Bangkok on our first Clinic visit. 
She took us under her wing and introduced us to both the lovely staff at the clinic and to parts of Bangkok itself, imparting her first-hand experience to educate us on the complexities and requirements of the Hospitals, Embassy and Immigration processes as well. 
Originally we liaised through the Clinic directly, and at the time this wasn’t problematic. 

The Clinic had a wonderful Liaison Nurse of their own and the total number of clients on their books was manageable, so it still felt somewhat personalised. We undertook our IVF cycle in Bangkok and commenced a series of transfers, sadly all were unsuccessful and we were left exhausted both emotionally and financially. Throughout every stage of our journey Tammy was always just a phone call away; she shared our ups and downs and never once gave up hope that we would eventually become parents. Even when we decided that we needed to take a break from the “baby roller-coaster” for a while she would continually check-in to see how we were coping, and give us a bit of a morale boost and hope that we shouldn’t yet give up.

It’s not difficult to understand why the anguish and yearning she witnessed and felt from us and the other couples she met during her journey became the driving force behind making a permanent move to Bangkok to undertake helping couples achieve their dreams on a full-time basis. 

After taking an 18 month break we were ready to jump back on board the roller coaster again. Due to work restraints we chose to cycle here in Australia and transport our embryos over to Bangkok. With the help of Fertility Solutions PGD, the entire process was made perfectly streamlined, they liaised directly with both Fertility Clinics and DGI and in little time at all our precious cargo had arrived and was safely tucked away in the Clinic. 

We chose to go through the same Clinic, however, this time we noticed that things had changed. The client list had literally exploded, and the personalised attention we had previously received was no longer as forth coming. Their original Liaison Nurse had left and it became apparent that now we would have to push just to get replies to our emails. To our surprise, despite this, we were quickly matched to a surrogate and started straight into our first FET cycle using our new embryos. However our delighted surprise was short lived, and to say that we encountered a few “delays” and “hiccups” along the way would be a gross understatement. 

In a space of 4 months, we were matched with more surrogates than most people have on their entire journey; our first surrogate pulled out of the program right before we were ready to transfer, our next surrogate successfully undertook a FET but after a negative result somehow the Clinic just “lost track of her”, and the next two were understandably cancelled due to lining concerns. And so finally, after what felt like trying to get every star and planet in the universe to perfectly align, we can finally announce that our beautiful surrogate is currently 12wks pregnant with our little miracle bub! 

The stress and anxiety we have felt throughout this journey so far has been utterly incredible, and to think that we could have been left to navigate this all on our own sends shivers up our spine. Having Tammy based locally has meant that she could bridge the gap with the Clinic on our behalf. She bravely took upon the role of being our eyes and ears; our communicator and, at more times than any of us have liked, our negotiator; she’s been our untiring optimist and our biggest supporter, but also our voice of reason when we just couldn’t understand “why?” ...above all else, she has simply been our saving grace! 

She has personally attended each scan with our surrogate, shared words of love and encouragement from us and kept us updated every step of the way with progress photos and videos. She has advocated for and supported our surrogate during times that one can only imagine as daunting and impersonal, and has allowed for each of us involved to feel nothing but love and connection to one another even though we are literally a world away. 

We will never be able to thank Tammy at Fertility Solutions PGD enough for helping us get where we are today, she’s definitely helped us survive the trying times, and without a doubt has allowed us to feel like we are right there in person sharing every wonderful moment with our beautiful baby and surrogate. 

This is the best feeling ever, and one that we know will continue beyond the birth of our baby. We know she will constantly play an important part of our lives regardless of how much time passes, and we will always count her as one of our truly dear friends.

Forever grateful, 
Jo & Alfred


Claire & Steven - April 2014

“Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean it cant happen” ~ unknown

Our journey on the path to be parents has been paved with many No’s and Maybe’s. We have been faced with many specialists and doctors not able to give us a straight answer or the opportunity to even try.
Just when we thought the lights were going out, a bright star entered our lives named Jenelle who opened up our journeys galaxy to the out of this world team at Fertility Solutions PGD.
Making the initial contact was the hardest part for us, but from the moment we spoke with them on the phone we knew we were in the right hands.


The team at Fertility Solutions PGD were clear about the costs and the process and not once did we hear the words “NO”. Once we were ready to proceed we had the opportunity to meet Tammy and from the moment we met her we knew this woman was going to give her everything to try to help us become parents.
Having a team that worked both here in Australia and on the ground in Thailand was a crucial factor in making our choice to use their agency. The security of something that is both local and global at the same time is paramount.
Once we arrived in Bangkok to commence our journey we were in safe hands, the text messages asking if we arrived safely and if we were ok, were not only comforting but made us felt that we were so very important.
Going to the clinic with Tammy for the first time was such an overwhelming experience but Tammy was right there to explain every little detail to us.  Getting to understand that all though everything is going to plan, that plans maybe on Thai time (a few days out of whack). But instead of waiting for hours in the clinic Tammy was communicating with us every day of our stay making sure we knew where and when we were needed, this was a god send.

Having the opportunity through Tammy to meet the rest of her extended family (the other couples who had just had babies)  whilst we were in Bangkok was also so amazing. Having them speak so positively to us and telling us “oh you will be back in 9 months” and “you won't believe how fast the months fly by” was reassuring but we also took great comfort in this beautiful community of surrogacy that Fertility Solutions PGD had created. 

The best part of being with Fertility Solutions PGD is that you’re not seen as a number or a patient or a No or a Maybe. You’re a family, and become part of their family and most importantly you are never alone.
We look forward to completing our journey in the coming months and we finally believe that “Dreams really do come true”   ……… Steven & Claire

Annetta - September 2013

I kind of feel that Tammy, Fertility Solutons PGD and their fabulous team of doctors and nurses in Thailand....together with the angels who are the surrogates, have become part of my family.

I was 36 and married at the time when I started looking at ways to increase chances of falling pregnant. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and a couple of years of IVF didn't seem to be working, so I looked into Surrogacy in Australia or Adoption. Both processes were, I'm sure, set up to deter people from going down that track. Ticking this box, fitting into criteria, and jumping hoops in all directions. The thought of this after the emotional roller coaster of IVF was exhausting. 

At, 41, and now single, I thought about Overseas Surrogacy. I looked at America, tried India until the laws changed (way too difficult and the clinics were not very professional) , and finally I decided on Fertility Solutions PGD.

BEST decision ever! I'm half way there and totally over the moon at the thought of 2 little ones. Yes, I have twins on the way!!!! 

The girls are committed to make it as easy as possible, making sure that you understand every step, and most importantly they want to know that you can trust them. And I do. 

It was great when Tammy moved permanently to Thailand and still having support close by in Melbourne, I know that whenever I have a question (and I have many), The team at Fertility Solutions PGD is on to it quickly and helps me understand what I needed to know, while Tammy takes care of everything, and everyone in Thailand. Through choosing surrogates, timings, transfers, payments, tests, reports, weekly, then fortnightly updates showing the health of both my surrogate and beautiful little babies. I've been able to see my babies grow. Heartbeats,'s all recorded and sent through with uplifting ultra sounds. I actually feel as though I'm in Thailand with them. I can share these with my family, so that when the babies are born we are all a big family. 

It's such an emotional journey, different to what I experienced in IVF, as being in Thailand, you aren't there with your baby and surrogate, I didn't see who my money was going to, and didn't have had an opportunity to meet the doctors in the team, I needed to truly trust the people I had placed my dream in. And I did. Fertility Solutions PGD are incredible. Their doctors are miracle makers. All have been professional and caring and I can see they honestly care and are passionate about helping me become a MUM. Thank you for holding my and your team are very special, and I can't wait to celebrate my first Mother's Day in 2013! 

Good Luck with your dream. 





To our dearest friends who loved us even before they met us, Tammy, Simon, Cooper and Jackson! 
We would just like to thank you with all our hearts, especially you Tammy! 
The first time I spoke to you in such broken hearted distress asking for help, you calmly but also very motivatingly told me that everything was going to be ok, and that our dreams would come true!
I will never forget the strength in your was what we wanted to hear 
Up until then, we were heading down a very negative path with no other options of ever becoming parents!
With your encouragement, advice, experience and just pure passion for helping others, we embarked on our little baby journey which wasnt without hurdles, but very much a dream we grabbed and held onto!
Since that time not so long ago, we now are the proudest parents of the most sweetest little girl Ruby 
With your guidance, love and continual motivation, you helped us every step of the way...and forever we will be grateful xx
There will never be words to ever describe the gratitude we feel for not only our precious surrogate who carried our baby girl, but to the whole team at 'Fertility Solutions PGD', including the nurses, especially Emmy who kept in continual contact with us throughout the whole process, to Dr Pisit, who helped create our miracle girl and to Tammy who no matter when or what time it was, was ALWAYS available to us with answers and encouragement and love 
I would like to just add, a sweet motto that Tammy lives that is true as far as our wishes are concerned, 

that dreams really do come true xxx

Thank you from Egg Donor

I would like to give Tammy and the team at Thailand a big thank you on how they looked after me throughout the time of donating my eggs. I have done this one time before in India, and comparing this experience to India, this was a like a great dream floating on clouds. Tammy being a nurse helped me with having my needles, as I am not a fan of needles at all. She made the needle experience, like there wasn't even a needle at times. She was always there and having the natural nurture shine through to help no matter what situation, from dental issues and going to emergency. I think we threw everything we could at her and she still came through with amazing results being in an unknown country to us. The nurses were amazing and I loved just knowing going to the clinic was to see there happy faces, made each appointment a lot easier to turn up to. 

I would recommend Fertility Solutions PGD to anybody that needs help to make their dreams come true. I did this for my sister and her husband, and it is a pleasure and honour to know that I have helped making their little bundle of joy wish come true. 

Thank you so much to Tammy,the gorgeous caring nurses and the Doctor


Troy & Jenelle

We just wanted to write a quick note to you to say “Thank you” for everything you have done for us, in helping us to achieve our greatest wish of becoming a family.

Throughout the last ten years, having been on the emotional rollercoaster of IVF and Surrogacy within Australia, after 32 failed IVF attempts, we had all but given up and admitted defeat. Left pondering if we would spend the rest of our lives living with a hole within our hearts.

Then we heard of this amazing lady called “Tammy Charles”, who we would come to realise just how much of a special, caring lady she was, with such a massive heart with so much love and joy to give in helping people to achieve their dream of having a family.  Little did we know at the time, just how much you would be such a huge part of our lives.

Tammy, from the very first point of contact that we had with you, when I called you, you were so caring and compassionate not to mention so understanding and patient.  It was like you knew before coming to know us, just how much we were hurting and so desperately seeking to have a family. We had so much love to give, but knew that somewhere, somehow we would find the missing link in our chain, but just didn’t think we had the strength, or the courage to find this.  

We were so full of fear, having been so let down by disappointment time and time again that we just didn’t know if we would be able to let go of our fear to begin our journey.

I still remember those precious words you said:- “It is achievable but you need to be able to let go of the fear, and believe. Because when you believe good things happen to those who deserve, You just have to have belief”.

If it had not been for you speaking these words that day, we may have never had the strength or the courage to be where we are today.  Without a doubt, our specialist and his team has played a big part of this, with their professionalism and high quality of service, skill and experience, but you gave us and continue to do so the support, strength and the encouragement we needed to know that we could do this.

As I sit here writing this to you, no words can or will ever be enough to describe just how much we thank you and appreciate you and every that you have done and continue to do so for us.  Throughout our journey you have been our rock, with us every step of the way, walking alongside us, guiding us and reassuring us that we are not walking this journey alone as you are there with us every step of the way.

At times, trying to protect ourselves of the “what if’s”,  it has been overwhelming and emotional. The unknown results in uncertainties and the fear sets in, but this has always been replaced by reassurance. You have never once been unavailable or uncontactable, always ready to support and willing to help us or reassure us in anyway you can.

The only regret we have, is that we wasted so much time being afraid, that is until we met you . You are such an inspiration, if I was half the person you are, I would be so lucky.

If it had not been for you, as I sit hear writing this to you, we would not be expecting the arrival after a very long ten years our two precious little miracle babies.  You gave us belief, hope and determination, when we had lost all. All we had to do was believe.

Knowing you are with us every step of the way, side by side, and having formed such a special friendship, we will be forever in debt to you.

Tammy, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and appreciate you, for being such a massive part of our lives and our journey in creating our dream of becoming a family.

Sindy & Greg

Words are really not enough to pay tribute to Tammy and the tireless work she does helping couples fulfil their greatest wish. Having been in the situation that many of us are now in she understood how we felt and continues to help everyone find the same happiness she and Simon have experienced. Tammy was the inspiration and reason that enabled us to bring our twins Luc and Remy into the world.

Having met and married later in life Sindy and I were still keen to have a family, but were concerned that age might reduce our chances. Like many couples in this situation we went down the IVF road only to discover that our biology was against us and our only real option was to use donor embryos to have a family.

Here is some more of our story in Sindy's words....

We are a couple from Australia who, as Greg mentioned, met later in life, and never having been blessed with children, made every effort to have a precious baby, only to realise we both had fertility issues. 

Having exhausted all avenues within Australia, fate brought us to the enthusiastic and helpful Tammy, without who, I would never have had the courage to explore overseas options. Her welcoming and sunny personality have made us feel like family.

Our experience in Thailand has resulted in my pregnancy with twins! A girl and a boy. We couldn't be more happy and surprised by this miracle. Not only was the clinic clean, modern and professional, we were taken care of by a gentle, kind Dr along with caring and interested nursing staff who were always available to answer my many questions and provided endless support and guidance.

I am honoured and privileged to have met and to know Tammy, there are few people that I hold in such high regard, she is honest and straightforward, very caring and is a lady of very high integrity and good morals.

Tammy has many more notable characteristics and qualities:
She treats everybody with equal courtesy, respect and regard. Everyone receives committed service and friendly assistance. Her services are of an incredibly high standard, and assistance is always available - all questions are treated with discretion and respect. She continually goes the extra mile with caring commitment that is unparalleled. As well as all of this, she takes a great personal interest in her clients and provides emotional support too....her excited reaction to news of my pregnancy was like telling a sister.

Tammy is a highly self motivated individual. It's clear to anyone that she has a clear sense of purpose and intent. Her ultimate goal is to help everyone achieve their dreams and nothing could make her happier than to see others receive the amazing gift of a family as extraordinary and happy as her own. It is so refreshing to meet someone who absolutely lives for the opportunity to make others happy. Along with all of this, her nursing background and personal experiences gives you the utmost confidence and reassurance with the process of reaching your goal. I would unconditionally recommend using the services of Fertility Solutions PGD.

As a small aside, Thailand is a beautiful country, with delightful people, delicious food, very modern facilities, great shopping and lovely attractions - tourism for all tastes, so not only did we have a wonderful outcome with our two little angels being born in January this year we also had an amazing experience during our time in Bangkok. 

Sindy & Greg

Simon & Dan - September 2013

Building a family was a dream we once thought was not possible, based on money, laws and endless complications and horror stories we had read online. Until we came across the story of Tammy Charles and Simon Davis, this compelled us to do our research and start making our dream a reality.
We were fortunate to meet people in similar situations and people who have already started a family through surrogacy in Thailand from online forums; these kind people put us in contact with the one and only Tammy Charles, the lady who actually inspired us through her story.

Words cannot describe the generosity and care Tammy puts into all people who come to her and literally makes dreams come true and lives change in the most magical way possible. Tammy has been there for all our endless phone calls, silly questions and emotional needs, always with a smile and cheeky laugh.
From day one Tammy has made it her duty to see the two of us achieve our dream in starting a family, the daunting process of it all has literally been turned into an exciting and simple process.
Through arranging and matching a wonderful egg donor for us, to organising everything involved with the clinic in Thailand, it has almost been made too easy for us, we have to pinch ourselves sometimes that this is real.
We are currently preparing to fly to Thailand for our egg retrieval and implantation, and literally have had Tammy arrange and organise everything for us, keeping us informed and communicating with us all the time.
Once we returned to Australia and back to daily life it was an anxious wait for our pregnancy results.


We are now into our second trimester expecting twins. Over the past two months Tammy has been in regular contact with us keeping us updated and informed of the pregnancy and our surrogates well being.
Tammy has been there for every question, emotional support when support was needed. 
Thanks to Tammy and ALL IVF SURROGACY our dreams really are becoming a reality. 
Now the planning begins for a busy household with two little ones on the way. 

We truly have been treated kindly by the universe to meet such a wonderful woman, who has helped the lives of so many people and has already changed ours. We look forward to starting a family, all possible from the love, hard work and dedication from Tammy Charles.

Simon and Dan