Our Journey

Hi, My name is Tammy.


Let me tell you my story.


l was 32 when I had to have a hysterectomy due to health reasons. Prior to this, I had children from a previous marriage who are now grown up. Years later, l finally met my beautiful husband Simon who had never had children, and I was confronted with a dilemma. Simon and I wanted to have a child together. We decided to look into our options of using an egg donor and surrogate in Australia. The hurdles were too high and we could not get anywhere, so that option was shelved. Simon and I had spent a lot of time throughout our relationship in Thailand, and we loved the people there. We had heard about surrogacy in Thailand and thought "lets look into this". As you can imagine there was an enormous amount of homework to do, BUT we were moving forward,  very positive and excited by our findings. We spent 12 months researching surrogacy in Thailand, and we finally chose a clinic that we felt was reputable, professional, and they made us feel comfortable, given our situation. Being a nurse myself, the wellbeing of our surrogate and donor was also very important.


Well, we had our first embryo transfer approximately a month after all the documentation was signed and... guess what!!!! Positive result!!! We were absolutely ecstatic and then we found out we were having twins!!!! Yes twins!!!! So we have been blessed. Once Simon and I brought our baby boys home I decided I had to help other people in our situation.


At first I was just helping couples whilst I worked fulltime as a nurse and my husband was a stay at home father. The surrogacy enquiries started to take over our life, as so many couples needed help and guidance throughout their journey. So we decided to move to Thailand and start a surrogacy business fulltime, so I can help people all day everyday.


This is the most rewarding and fulfilling job l could ask for, I'm once again blessed.


I am hoping you may be able to help me let regular folks know that their dreams can come true too.


Dreams do come true,

Sincerely Tammy

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"Dreams Do Come True"